I am really impressed with Oregon. The guy that took my photo on the beach, Scot, is from Portland. He is in Seaside with his wife and two young daughters for the holiday weekend. I remarked to him how great Portland was. He replied “Don’t tell anyone.”

Things are big in Oregon. My last climb in the Coast Range took me at least 45 minutes at 5 mph. I finished into Seaside with a 9 mile downhill! Near the bottom of the gentle descent, I stopped at Cloutrie State Park. (Somewhere on the road today I decided I was going to stop and take photographs and read the informational signs.)

This is the remains of the first Oregon Heritage tree. The 200′ tall Sitka spruce was felled by a hurricane in December 2007. It is 17 feet, 10 inches in diameter. On the backside there was a small woodpecker knocking for insects, unperturbed by my presence.

Bigfoot is big in Oregon. Just as we like to associate ourselves with “New England” and maple syrup, I have seen several of these guys (at least I think they are male) standing in front of restaurants. I may have room for one of these in my condo.