I cycled through Rainer, OR today, population 1,687.

I am spending the night in St. Helens, one of the larger towns at 7,535. Both towns have more famous namesakes on the other side of the Columbia River in Washington.
I kept an eye out today for interesting subjects to photograph. It seems that my route to the Pacific Coast was much more photo friendly than my route back. So here is my most interesting photo of the day;

This is Jim. I saw him on the opposite side of the road, walking out of the woods. I stopped to say hello, and that is the last word I got in. Jim was looking for two trees to hang his hammock between. He then throws a tarp over it all to keep dry. Jim is disabled, he even has to push his bike up some of the hills. He said he was going the same way as me yet he was on the other side of the road. Jim’s bike appears to be cobbled together with whatever parts are handy. The seat seems to be from an exercise bike. He showed me where he had cut away a bar on his trailer to save weight; there would be more, he promised.
Jim told me that he lives on his bike. He told me that he was once cycling through Wyoming and one of his derailleur pulleys disintegrated. He fashioned a replacement from a pipe end-pipe cap he found on the side of the road using a piece of hacksaw blade and a file. The repair lasted all the way to Washington.

Bonus photo of roadside art on Route 30.