Lewiston is a small town with a great bike path along the Snake River that winds into Hell’s Canyon State Park. The Snake is the largest tributary of the Columbia. Here a large rock formation juts out from the Washington side as weather rolls in from the south.
The Nez Perce Indians probably saved the lives of Lewis and Clark and their entire crew. A sculpture commissioned by the US Army Corps of Engineers sits at Tsceminicum, the Nez Perce word for “meeting-of-the-waters” and historically used to describe the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers.

As visitors cross the draw bridge into Lewiston this interesting sculpture, made from actual canoes, greets them;

And I just could not resist this advertisement;


20120604-223644.jpg Megan (left) and Laura (right) work for one of three Locker Room Men’s Sports Salons in Idaho. Additional beers are only $2. They have to be consumed in the lounge that was equipped with a bar, recliners, three televisions, and a pool table. Megan told me it was tough to get the Lewiston permit.