I was the last of four to roll into the Lolo Pass visitor center, elevation 5,225 feet.

During the 12 mile climb I has to press my helmet against my forehead so that the sweat would pour out onto the ground instead of in my eyes. I had not seen my three companions for 45 minutes as one by one they disappeared around one of the constantly rising curves. When I summited, they were already inside drinking hot chocolate. I spent an inordinate amount of time in the men’s bathroom trying to dry my cycling jersey under the hot air hand-dryer. I even held my head under it. Laurie, the aunt of Cory, road up from the opposite side to meet us;

20120609-231815.jpg She would join us for the 30 miles of descending into Lolo, Montana, which is 10 miles outside of the fantastic Missoula. We cycled across the Bitterroot River, triumphant, the entire citizenry abuzz. Surely Caesar created such a stir when he traversed the Rubicon and rode into Rome to take his place at the head of the Senate. We were met by the local newspaper and they published an article today about Cory, Mac, Drew, and Ty and the charity they are raising money for. Here is the link to that article; duchenne

As for me, I notched another state line sign and crossed a time zone on my bicycle for the first time ever;

I also visited the Mecca of bicycle touring, Adventure Cycling, and was treated to free ice cream, had my photo added to the wall, and picked up a hot-off-the-press copy of the new route through North Dakota.