On Friday night we had a party at the Draught House, to raise money for charity, and to just have a good time.

20120610-000812.jpg Othe far right in the photo, announcing, is Arlen. He is the Trip Coordinator for Adventure Cycling. Missoula is a walk-able, bike-able, and lovable town. But Montana has some strange beer drinking laws. I ordered the Czech-style pilsner (delicious). I was given two raffle tickets with my change. The bartender looked at me and saw that I was obviously confused. “Have you ever had a beer in a brewery in Montana?”, she asked. “How did she know that”, I thought. Caberet licenses in Montana are coveted and expensive. The bar and nightclub lobby is powerful. Breweries are popping up all over Montana, no less than six of them in Missoula alone. The brew pubs have to close at 8:00 and no customer is allowed to have more than three pints. Weird, but that’s more than enough beer and at least you get to bed at a reasonable hour.

I spent the night in the guest room at Mac’s parent’s house, Tom (a retired engineer tuned geography professor at the University) and Ginny (the Adventure Cyclist route coordinator). They are really special people. I immediately felt comfortable, like part of the family. They have three children. Mac is the youngest at 17, His sister Marri is 19, and forest fire fighter Dan is 22. Two dogs and a cat share the premises also.

We went out for breakfast and I saw a hoard of people crossing the street. They were headed to the famous farmer’s market.

20120610-002008.jpg We purchased fresh salmon, bread, and vegetables for dinner.
Mac and I dropped our bikes off at Hellgate Cyclery, one of Mac’s sponsors. Here’s Mac with his mechanic;

20120610-002342.jpg Salsa set up both Mac and Drew with touring bicycles and Hellgate put them together.
The huge ‘M’ on the side of the mountain looks out over the University and the entire town.