Dinner has been served, the birds and crickets are chirping, and the big-horned sheep have gotten tired of looking at us and probably gone off to bed down. It is 9:30 and still light. Amazingly, I have a weak 4G signal here at the Prewitt Inn and RV Park, nine miles south-south-east of Cascade and 35 miles from Great Falls, Montana.

Tom Sullivan (father of Mac) cracked the whip this morning and got us on the road at the amazingly early hour of 8:45 a.m. (he was insisting on 8:30). Friends of the Sullivan’s donated a hotel room in Lincoln last night, probably because they knew how cold and rainy it was yesterday and they felt sorry for us. It was greatly appreciated by the gang. We were joined by a local rider who recognized Drew Gottman (one of the two charity riders from Missoula) as we food shopped the night before. Here we are adjusting clothes, trying to balance the chill of the 4,000 foot (above sea level) valley with the climbing and descents.

Tom took us off the Adventure Cycling map and we turned south on State Route 434 toward Wolf Creek and the Missouri River. The tail wind that we had been enjoying hit us square in the face as we started a long gentle climb. Initial doubts soon gave way to pure exhilaration and I have to say that it was my favorite 18 miles of the trip so far. The road rolled up and down under the puffy clouds, alongside cattle ranches and a particular type of hill that I can’t describe. I’ll let some photos do the talking.



At Wolf Creek we did a little shopping (all we shop for is food) and then headed north-east toward Great Falls. We shadowed Interstate 15, the Missouri River, and a railroad track. The road soon became hemmed in by cliffs and our campground is surrounded on three sides by the monoliths.

Tomorrow we will cruise through Great Falls and stay at a ranch in Highwood where Mac’s grand-parents (Ginny Sullivan’s parents) raise cattle. As for some other highlights today, both these photos were taken on Route 200 after 18 miles of climbing out of Lincoln;