Denton, Montana has a population of only 225 but they have lots of beautiful athletic fields and a town pool that was open last Thursday from 7:00 to 10:00. They let us use the (cold) showers at the pool and camp for free at the pavilion. The next night, Friday June 15, we would free camp in the smaller, less prosperous town of Winnett, population 182. We were again next to the town pool but it was closed for repairs. However there was a faucet and garden hose and a port-a-potty behind the church across the street. All the comforts of home.

On Saturday night we really hit the action in Jordan, population 343. Main Street was closed for an outdoor country and western concert. We free camped again in the town park and listened to the monotone singer until what seemed like mid-night. I saw more people going into the VFW than we’re hanging out on Main Street so I sauntered over and timed my entrance so that I walked in with a group of people. It was the Pulmar family reunion (the Pulmar’s of Cohagen, MT), with a bar and a great country band. I only stayed for two beers.

Sunday night got us to Circle MT, population 615 (huge for out here). The sign at the park entrance said “no camping” but we checked in the Sheriffs office and they said it was OK. We are coming out of the “big open” and will make it to Glendive this afternoon, a relatively short day of 50 miles.

All of our days have been 70 or more miles, the wind generally at our back, rolling ups and downs, flats here and there, and some long gentle climbs and descents of three or more miles. Today we climbed for 14 miles and descend for 33!