June 18, Monday. Sixty miles is easy, especially if you have a tailwind and high spirits. I challenged Tom Sullivan to a race for the town line sign in Lindsay, MT. Then I proceeded to do the lead-out for two miles, slowly increasing the speed from 21 mph up to 26 mph. He is pulling a trailer which creates a little less wind resistance. When he came around me I realized immediately that I has made a mistake.

We arrived in Glendive, MT with plenty of time to spare but the sun started to bake us and we had some trouble locating a suitable camping site. We actually cycled an extra 10 miles in Glendive before we settled on Makoshika State Park.


My friend Tom was getting a bus back to his home in Missoula. He had accompanied his son, Mac, for the last 800 miles or so, since Lewiston, Idaho. The bus company told him he had to box his bike. We stopped at the appliance store and picked up some old cardboard boxes. This is how Tom cycled around Glendive for a couple of hours;

Tom has a niece that lives in Glendive, and she gave him a ride to the bus station from the campsite. She also let the boys use her shower, which they greatly appreciated. I did my thing with the gallon of water over my head.
I could hear the local Babe Ruth League baseball game being announced and I cycled by to watch a little local competition (the home team, Stockton Bank, won it in the ninth). Paula Higgens approached me to talk as we watched.

Paula is 82 and used to live in Castlerock, Washington. Her husband, Eugene “Candyman” Higgins, recently passed away and her son was putting her up in Glendive. She watches all the baseball games and really misses her husband.