Not much to report except we are in Bismarck, North Dakota. Total miles cycled so far is 1,624. More relatively flat roads and a tailwind.

The rollers did return as we approached Bismarck and we crested a rise and thought we could see the capital city, 10 miles distant. This area is extremely fertile, farms sprouting bright green young lush crops and plenty of cattle (which always watch us, perhaps because we moo at them).
We had to cycle 12 miles on Interstate 94 today. Usually the highway is not too bad but none of us liked this at all; the rumble strips (used to startle drivers that are falling asleep and drifting off the paved surface) stretched nearly across the entire shoulder, leaving only a 12″ strip beside the grass to sneak by. Yet when we were on the parallel, lightly travelled roads, which was most of the time, it was a joy.
We stopped for lunch in the town of “New Salem, which is obviously proud of its cows.

The boys had a host family to feed and shelter them tonight so I got a room, the first real bed I will sleep in for over a week. We crossed the wide Missouri River (the last time we will see it) into Bismarck at about 5:00 p.m. and stopped at a sporting goods store. I left the group and headed to my hotel. But first I found the local bike shop, purchased a bottle of chain cleaner, and borrowed their chain cleaning device. Now if only it won’t rain for a few days . . .
The following photo is the map that we have followed for the last week or so (I forgot to post it and we have completed it);

We are now on the Adventure Cycling “Northern Tier” route.For some reason, I forgot to purchase this map so I am relying on my cycling partners. No worries, I have the only pump, so they have to keep me around.