On Friday, June 2, I snapped a photo of Lorelei Anderson in Bismarck. She and her family opened their home to the boys, fed them, provided a hot shower, and a bed, all for free.


This is the famous Tony Braun; he paid for our rooms that same night in Napoleon, ND.

20120625-234045.jpg Tony reminds me of my Dad, the kind of person that people gravitate towards, always smiling, ready hand shake, encouragement, and a deep river of wisdom running underneath. And he has a really cool name. I think I could write a television show based on the adventures of Tony Braun, Private Investigator, tough as nails.

No less amazing is Irene Kuhn. Irene cleans the rooms at the Downtowner and she met us as we were leaving Napoleon.

20120625-234808.jpg After just a few minutes, Irene reached in her purse and handed the boys $20. At that moment, I was beginning to feel that North Dakota was a pretty amazing place.

Later that day we stopped in Gackle, ND to reprovision. But first we stopped at the Tastee Freeze. While we were sitting at the picnic table out front, Leon and Donna Phillips came in for an ice cream. Donna is Gackle born and was visiting.

20120625-235352.jpg The couple thrust $20 At the young men and then gave them their change as they exited with their cones.

In case anyone is tuning in late to the blog, Mac, Drew, and Ty are raising funds for muscular dystrophy, which is why folks are donating. Their website is abikestoryforcory, Cory being their friend in Missoula with Duchesnes. Their young looks belie their determination, strength, and will-power.

That night, after 96 miles, we coasted in to our campsite and discovered a birthday party in progress. In minutes we were offered lemonade, fed cake and ice cream, and finally left-over sloppy joes (eat dessert first, right?). Kathy (I was delirious and did not get her last name) gave us $20 which covered the camping fee that night.


We meet people on the road too. Here is Chad and Ann;

20120626-001048.jpg We met them on the west side of Fargo, that being the halfway point. The Colorado residents told us that they started in Maine on May 14 and had already taken 9 days off. In our minds we all did the math and realized that they were kicking butt.

We met an interesting couple just after leaving our campsite. This is Mark and his daughter Haley Olsen;

20120626-001551.jpg Mark is a local farmer and had just competed in an Ex-terra competition the day before. He and Haley were out for a Sunday afternoon cruise. An hour later we stopped for breakfast in Enderlin, ND. I noticed an unusual number of people entering the town hall type structure next door to the supermarket and I wondered why. Mark walked by and said hello again. Haley was in the local musical production of Bye Bye Birdie and the cast and crew were responsible for the unusual foot traffic on a beautiful North Dakota Sunday morning.