Wednesday, June 27.The Great Northern Bicycle Company opens at 10:00 and I got there shortly after. I was amazed that the replacement fork had already arrived.

Jen works in the cafe in the bike shop (yes they have a cafe inside the bike shop). She hosted the boys last night and she told me they were sound asleep when she left home so I immediately started making cell phone calls. I bribed them with breakfast but we still did not get rolling until 1:30. Here is Jen posing with the boys in the cafe inside the bike shop;

Once on the road we took the most direct route to Fergus Falls, Minnesota. We crossed the Red River and cycled past the Moorhead campus of Minnesota State University and also Concordia College. Then we took Route 52 the entire way to Fergus Falls? I was pleasantly surprised at the light traffic and wide shoulder (which soon disappeared).
The first 40 miles of Minnesota was as flat and green as anything I have seen so far. But then it started to gently roll and small ponds began to appear.

20120627-231152.jpg It was nice to have our tailwind again, some curves in the road to keep us interested, and an easy climb now and then. We made camp at about 6:30, Swan Lake Campground. Mac and Drew cooked rice, sausage and broccoli. Then the Mosquitos feasted on us and we are all hiding from them in our tents.
Thursday we hope to cycle 100+ miles to Saint Cloud, MN, a long day with hopefully an early start and another tailwind.