We were good today . . . and lucky too. Drew woke us up shortly after 0600 and we all knew we had to move. Amazingly, we were on the road at 8:15, not too shabby. One mile out of the campground, we picked up a rail trail called the Central Lakes Bicycle trail. We would be on rail trail for the next 100 miles!

We started to see more deciduous trees and lots of lakes of all sizes. Our friend the tail wind was along for the ride and cooperating the entire day. We put in 40 miles before stopping in Alexandria for lunch. As we got back on the trail we were surprised to learn of the key role Alexandria played in the formation of America.

Shortly afterwards we were passed by a speedy woman on a time trial bike out for a ride with an elderly gentleman. We are not hard to pass, with all our baggage, so it’s nothing to brag about. But then we caught up to them and sat on their wheels for about 20 miles, all the way to Sauk Center.
The Central Lakes trail became the Lake Woebegone Trail at Osakis. This section was not as pretty, much of it following the interstate. But it was still fun and refreshing to ride side-by-side, chatting, at a good pace, and not worry about cars or trucks.
We had to take the road in to Saint Cloud for the last 7 miles, the typical amazing mediocrity of intense merchandizing surrounding us on all sides. The host all the way back from June 22 in Bismarck, Lorelie Anderson, had purchased the boys a room for the night. Tomorrow, hopefully, we will find our way in to Minneapolis, specifically Bloomington. A local contact, Kevin NacAfee, is going to meet us on the outskirts and guide us in.
Bonus photo: Mac and Drew cycle past the Kraft plant in Albany, MN