I’m enjoying a few days off at home before flying back to Detroit and resuming my journey. Last night, my former firefighter/coworkers invited me for dinner. The new guy (Tony Lecca) cooked an awesome pasta dish. Then I went to the Mountain Laurel Ski Club meeting. I met Bob Ledoux for breakfast this morning.

At home, I can convert the video I have taken and post it to my blog. I will try to add at least one video every day of my cycling hiatus.

In 1913, advocates for a road along the Columbia River Gorge met. Planning began a month later (obviously not as much red tape in those days). They looked for spots of natural beauty and tried to build the road to make the overlooks and waterfalls accessible. By the 1920’s, the engineering marvel was being called “the king of roads”. On May 30, I was cycling through the waterfall section.

Two million people a year visit spring-fed  Multnomah Falls, the second highest year-round falls in the United States. The lower fall is 69′. The upper bridge crosses the pool below the 542′ upper fall.

This is a view of the upper falls from near the bridge. On Labor day in 1995, a school-bus sized hunk of basalt dislodged and crashed into the pool, sending a 70′ wave over a wedding party and drenching them!

There were so many places to stop on this section that I was worried I would not arrive at my hotel before dark. (I had not met Mac, Drew, and Ty yet, but they were so late, they cycled on the interstate to save time at the end of the day.) There are 77 waterfalls on the Oregon side of the Columbia River Gorge. I think this one is Wahkeena falls;