. . . or rather videos “from the road”.

My late posting today is because I am spending time catching up with as many friends as possible before I return to Detroit.  Today my friend Karen drove us down to Napatree Point beach, the most southern and western point in Rhode Island. The long, slender spit stretches for a mile and a half from the town of Watch Hill. They don’t see much of this in North Dakota;












Let me continue on with video from the road. On June 17th we cycled from Jordan to Circle, Montana, enjoying an energetic tailwind that got stronger as the day went on. The green fields flowed and dipped with the wind and we felt like birds soaring over the road;

After joining the July 4 parade in Waupaca, Wisconsin, I continued on to Menasha, on the northern shore of Lake Winnebago. I observed a tractor hauling a load of hay on Manitowic Road. Listen to my huffing and puffing as I try to catch him;

In Michigan I discovered that the “bicycle” button on the Google mapping program includes dirt roads. On July 8, traveling from Saginaw to Howell, at least 20 of the 65 miles were on dirt roads.