These are videos for train lovers. There are lots of trains out west and we saw plenty of them.

I heard this Burlington-Northern train approaching while I was at the Great River Road Visitor center in Prescott, Wisconsin. In the background, at Point Douglas, the clear waters of the St. Croix River are mixing in with the Mississippi, nicknamed the “Big Muddy”.

In Glen Ullin, North Dakota, the Adventure Cycling maps directed us north to leave Old Route 10 before it changed to dirt. We were waiting for the train to clear the intersection and Mac realized we had turned too soon as he spied the route sign, on the other side of the tracks, between the passing cars. I don’t know what’s in these tankers; corn syrup, maybe?

On the Oregon side of the Columbia River, near the Washington state line, a train caught up to me and entered a tunnel. The video pans a 360 degree view before the train disappears.