Thursday, July 19. I enjoyed my 10 day break back home in CT. I did a few short bike rides, went to a wedding, to the beach, and attended three condo Board meetings. I regained three of 16 pounds I had lost. In the security line at the airport in Hartford, I turned to look at the family that was next to me. As I gazed upward, straining my neck, I realized it was Kara Wolters, her husband, and her two girls. Kara was the center for the UConn basketball team and won two (?) National Championships. They did not fly to Detroit.

Mark and Kristina got married on July 13th at the Saybrook Inn and Marina, where the Connecticut River meets Long Island Sound, a beautiful setting, on a beautiful night.

20120719-182851.jpg My neighbor Mary is the 2nd from the right, her son Eli is the tallest in the center (Eli read at the ceremony). My neighbor Rene is the first on the left. Sprinkled in there are three generations of Sanam’s family and her boyfriend Tom, along with friends Val and Ken.

This is Grover. He loves me because I feed him Cheerios.

At the Old Town Cafe on Tuesday night, a few friends stopped by to make sure I was would soon be leaving.

20120719-190052.jpg I am flanked by Chris and his girlfriend Marina. She is a bartender at the Maple Cafe. I think Chris is a pirate who buries his treasure at Hawks Nest Beach, on the Sound. Craig is in the background. He is a New Britain fire fighter and his Dad was my boss in the West Hartford Fire Department. But Craig’s real claim to fame is as a farmer at Anderson Farms in Wethersfield. He once picked 50 bags of corn (that’s 3,000 individual ears) by hand in one hour and ten minutes!

20120719-190009.jpg My neighbors Brian and Kristen. Kristen is the bartender but she is really a professional trainer in the insurance industry. Brian is an architect. Nothing he designed has ever fallen down.

20120719-190420.jpgHere are some of my friends in the ski club. We had a good time. Needless to say, no one could get near the pool table that night.
And here are the boys at Station 200, Detroit Metro Airport.

20120719-191233.jpg They took care of my bicycle and it was right where I left it.