You can always rely on the sunrise as a wake up call.

20120723-222943.jpgAfter two nights of riding into a crowded tourist town, I’m getting good at scoping out a surreptitious camping spot. I would cruise town, pick a spot, buy a couple of gallons of water for a shower (liters up here), and then go for dinner and beers in my disgusting bike clothes. Last night the only water in the convenience store was refrigerated (note to self: buy refrigerated water as soon as you arrive in town).

I probably didn’t need to be so worried up here in Ontario. Folks are pretty easy going. At the coffee shop for breakfast in Port Dover the owner told me about Friday the 13th. Many years ago some friends decided to get together in Port Dover every Friday the 13th so that they could stay in touch. The tradition evolved and grew and now 150,000 people, mostly riding motorcycles, descend on Port Dover like locusts of the Apocalypse. This occurs every Friday the 13th, no matter what time of year. Main Street is closed with motorcycles parked left and right and down the middle. They open up two parks and a school ground as makeshift campgrounds, including the park I spent the night in.

The 80 mile route today was beautiful, mostly right along the shore. A rip-roaring tailwind boosted me along and got stronger as the day went on: I am so happy I did not have to butt heads with that! Small cottages and vacation homes line the side of the road. Some of them looked so inviting I wanted to stop and sit down and enjoy the setting.


Then, in Port Colburne, I wanted to join the youths jumping into the canal from the stone abutment of the Hopkins Swing Bridge, long since gone and replaced with a lift bridge.


All day long I kept looking to my right wondering when I would see my country. From the former grounds of Erie Beach Park, 1885-1930, I gazed across the Niagara River at the city of Buffalo, New York.

20120723-231522.jpgHopefully they let me back in tomorrow.

Bonus photos;
I’m pretty sure Ledoux could build one of these in his backyard.

Birds on a wire;