I went for a bike ride today with my friend Brian Pawlow. He promised to meet me in NY and pull me all the way to Portland, Maine. Too bad I can’t keep up with him on the hills.

We were trailblazing from Amsterdam, NY to Arlington, VT and found some great roads and one busy one. Route 29 into Saratoga Springs had a nice wide shoulder but lots of traffic. The town itself was so crowded that we watched cars sitting at a traffic light for three cycles before they could proceed. Brian tells me there is a famous horse race track there.

I preferred the next town, Schuylerville. They had some cool bike racks.


There was weather moving in and we got worried when the thunder was accompanied by flashes of light. We were cycling directly into a cell so we took shelter in Hal Spezio’s barn before it started to rain.

20120728-222406.jpgHal is a retired NY State Trooper, since 1996. He worked on this farm as a kid and made a deal with the owner to keep it from being developed. The owner’s widow lives in a new home that Hal built for her behind the original farmhouse. She is 89 years old. Hal comes from a family of cops, his father, uncles, brothers, are all in blue. His brother is also the fire chief of the local volunteer department.


20120728-223230.jpgIt rained really hard and for longer than we expected. Brian told me the rain was my fault for jinxing us by mentioning the it in my previous post. I pointed out to Brian that two things were different today; 1) it was raining, and 2) he was here. The cause and effect seem pretty obvious to me.

Finally, we realized we had to get back on the road despite the rain. So we donned our rain gear and headed out into a light drizzle which quickly disappeared. The sun was even trying to poke through the clouds. The rain gear came off and, all-in-all, it was a great day!