The rain gear came off as soon as we got to the breakfast diner, about 1/2 mile away, and stayed in the saddlebags for the rest of the day. Yet, I was still soaked through-and through by the time we got to the top of the climb out of Manchester. It seems I forgot about a small detail, something they call the Green Mountains.


My sister Lynn and her partner Jeanne met us at the top of the excruciating 15% climb from Plymouth up Route 100A. They cooked us a spectacular meal tonight, but first Brian and I went to the Long Trail Brewery (we were so close, it would have been criminal not to stop in.


Lunch in Weston;


Jeanne, Lynn, and Neal at Brad’s Crazy Side food stand on 100A, near Bridgewater. Brad used to own the Corners Inn Restaurant and this roadside stand is his “crazy side”.


Me, my sister, and her beautiful garden, up Curtis Hollow Road on Old Baldy Mountain, in Bridgewater. We were picking (and immediately eating) red raspberries and black raspberries;


Sylvia is the 12 year old Huskie-Rotweiler-wolf(?) hybrid, looking for a corn cob;


Brian cycling up Route 100 alongside Echo Lake. There are still some damaged structures from last years Tropical Storm Irene and the repairs to the roads are plainly obvious.


Whimsical scarecrows on Route 7A between Arlington and Manchester;


We are headed to Peter and Sandy’s in Montpelier for Monday night. Front wheel dipping is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 4, between noon and 2:00 p.m. at East EndBeach in Portland, Maine.