This morning we posed for a photo with my sister before rolling down the dirt road and out to Route 4 East.

The weather seemed to have settled down as there were no lightning bolt icons in the forecast. Brian has his eye on the puffy clouds all day and kept telling me to “watch out, they can get together and gang up on you.” in Woodstock, we headed north on Route 12 and then quickly turned right onto Pomfret Road.


We did some steep climbs on beautiful country roads and then descended into Sharon to visit my sister’s grand kids in their new house.

20120730-222853.jpgThe kids are Willow, and the twins are Silas and Ira. (I have no idea which is who).
They escorted Brian and myself out of Sharon. Here is video, followed by a photo;

From Sharon, we took Route 14 into Barre, VT, home of the famous granite quarries. Route 14 was an unexpected treat; fairly flat, lots of little rollers, and light traffic.

Some of you may have noticed that we did not make any eastward progress today. We have been busy visiting family and freeloading on our friends. Tonight we are at Peter and Sandy’s new condo in Berlin, VT, just east of Montpelier. Unfortunately, Peter is not here. He stays at my place when he is running Suburban Sports Ski & Bike Shop in Berlin, CT. So I am at his house and he is at mine!

Update on front wheel dipping in Portland; it now looks as if we will get there on Thursday afternoon, probably around 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. If anyone wants to join us for dinner on Friday night, let me know, as I am still interested in taking a day off there, before getting back on the bike on Saturday morning.

People along the way; On Route 14, we thought we saw a guy wearing a sign on his head and walking south.

20120730-224534.jpgThis is Ken, US. army veteran, Afghanistan from 2004-2006. He intends to walk through all 50 state capitals and urge the government to amend the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. He started Walking in Camden, Maine and thinks it will take about two years.