In the blink of an eye, Brian and I crossed the state line, and stopped for breakfast in Fryeburg, Maine. We were headed for Portland, south on route 113, which was nicer than we expected. About halfway there, in Steep Falls, we realized that the gently rolling terrain and light winds were going to get us into Portland by 1:00. I used my iPad to google a bike route to Kennebunk and we set off on a new adventure from there.

20120802-225751.jpgWe got to this section a day late.

Overall, google did a good job. We rode the 6 1/2 mile section of East Coast Greenway between Biddeford and Kennebunk, a firmly packed, smooth gravel surface (Dexter and Jo-Pat will be biking this later in the month).

Brian left most of his luggage in the room, but I did not remove any. We arrived at Mother’s Beach, shrouded in fog, at about 4:30 and I man-handled my bike over the soft sand, to the harder, low tide, exposed surface.

I did not have much to say, unusual for me. I called Mac and Ty and left them voice-mails, and e-mailed photos right there while the tide was coming in.


Brian whipped out a couple of flamingos.



Tomorrow we head south and west, making our way back to Connecticut. Also tomorrow, my friends Mac, Drew, and Ty, will dip their front wheels into the ocean down in New Jersey.