Saturday, August 4.The blog is late today because I was busy hydrating last night. I camped at my friend Ernie Riley’s lake house in Holland, Massachusetts.


Brian and I have had a couple of tough days in a row. Saturday started out wonderfully on the Nashua River Rail Trail, 12 miles of paved bliss

We had a 75 mile day planned to Holland where Brian’s wife Marion could easily pick him up. Marion delivered Brian to Amasterdam, NY to meet me and now had to drive in the opposit e direction to collect him.

20120805-105830.jpgBut before we could do that we had to cross Massachusetts top to bottom, as well as a sizable chunk east to west. We were trying to use all back roads.

This was my 15th day in a row on the bike and the hills seemed especially tough. We finally jumped on the numbered state roads and limped up the hill to Ernie’s house at 5:15. Cathy’s family was here for a surprise birthday party for her (she is the oldest of 12 siblings!). My timing was perfect.

20120805-110401.jpgI am thankful and grateful for the kindness and hospitality extended to me by the Riley and Bartram families.

I will force myself back onto my touring bicycle soon, and do a few more hills before I arrive at the Old Town Cafe, on Main Street, Old Wethersfield, at about 5:30 Sunday, August 5. And the best part is I will be able to attend the Monday Night bike ride with the Newington and Mountain Laurel Ski Clubs tomorrow and ride a bicycle that weighs less than 20 pounds!